Female Founders 250 – Allison Wolff

For expanding technology for tracking and preventing wildfires from 300,000 to seven million acres and becoming a government-approved environmental vendor. READ MORE >

Restaurant delivery software startup Loop raises $6M

Loop, a startup helping to make third-party delivery more profitable for restaurants, raised $6 million in seed funding, the company tells Axios exclusively. Why it matters: Third-party delivery continues to increase its share of restaurant revenue, but fees and commissions can account for 15% to 30% of sales. The big picture: “Restaurants are in a place where […]

Birdstop plans node-based drone deployments

Keith Miao, the CEO and founder of Birdstop Inc., began his career working in imagery and data science, “working with satellite imagery to solve some of the problems we’re trying to solve now with BVLOS drones,” he said. After working in the public sector in Washington, D.C., he moved to Mountain View, California, to lead […]