Simplebet powering parlay tech for big players

Simplebet powering parlay tech for big players

This NFL season will bring the first cycle of legal football betting in Ohio and Massachusetts, the long-trumpeted arrival of Fanatics, the still-in-the-oven addition of a fully vested ESPN and the migration of “NFL Sunday Ticket” to YouTube TV, where the potential for the integration of online sportsbooks is vast.

The NFL Kickoff on Thursday night felt kind of like last year. I don’t think we’ll still be saying that in December.

The runaway train that is the same-game parlay has found its way into the microbetting offering that Simplebet will power for DraftKings, Caesars, Bet365 and a handful of other sportsbooks this NFL season, with the B2B software provider launching a “same drive” parlay product.

During each drive, bettors will be able to parlay the results of individual plays — for example, the Chiefs to have a run of 10 or more yards, a completion of 20 or more yards and score a TD — with odds changing as a drive progresses and the bet settled at the end of it.

The one described above posted at 7-1 last night.

“It creates the long odds of a lottery combined with the instant gratification of a slot machine,” said Simplebet co-founder and CEO Chris Bevilacqua.