Dryad Detects Wildfire in Lebanon in 30 Minutes

Successful alert underpins the global need for effective ultra-early detection technology Berlin, December 15, 2023 — Dryad, a leader in ultra-early wildfire detection, today announced that its Silvanet system successfully identified and raised the alarm about an unauthorized fire at a customer site in Lebanon. On the morning of Monday 11th December, Mada® (XOL Broadband), a […]

Birdstop Plans Node-Based Drone Deployments

Keith Miao is the founder and CEO of Birdstop Inc., a San Francisco Bay Area remote sensing company using BVLOS drones and AI to deliver real-time physical world intelligence. Prior to Birdstop, Miao was a data science lead at Google and before that, an analyst in Washington, D.C. He first started working on remote sensing at […]

Vibrant Planet is using data to fight wildfires

The year 2023 has been a hot one for devastating wildfires, from Chile to Canada, Europe and Maui. A startup called Vibrant Planet says it’s helping ignite resilience with a platform called Land Tender. The California public benefit corporation just closed on a $15 Million Series A funding round led by the Ecosystem Integrity Fund […]

Simplebet powering parlay tech for big players

This NFL season will bring the first cycle of legal football betting in Ohio and Massachusetts, the long-trumpeted arrival of Fanatics, the still-in-the-oven addition of a fully vested ESPN and the migration of “NFL Sunday Ticket” to YouTube TV, where the potential for the integration of online sportsbooks is vast. The NFL Kickoff on Thursday […]

Dryad battles the most remote forest fires

An Internet of the Forest suite of products detects and mitigates forest fires at their earliest stages. Every summer gets hotter, and stories of fires in places like Australia, Greece, and the US hit our news. Fires destroy ecosystems, damage the environment, demolish workplaces, homes, and local infrastructure, and cause the loss of wildlife and […]